Jon Ishimoto

Jon Ishimoto is a fictitious photographer with a knack for looking totally legit. He puts the 'hip' in hipster and the 'wanna' in wannabe. 

Unless otherwise noted, the images on this site were taken by the greatly talented and always humble Colin Hughes. The images in the landing portfolio were taken for London-based fashion illustrator and womenswear designer Evelina Romano to showcase pieces from her AW 12/13 line. 


Erase Hate Through Art at the Columbia Art Center (2015) // Flesh & Bone Art Exhibit at The Hillyer Art Gallery, Washington, DC (2014)
George Mason University Gallery Showing of Art Attack Show (2014) Student Art Show Award Presentation, College of Southern Maryland, (2013) Designed Wallpaper for Freelance Website, Artist Showcase (2012) 


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